Today in the city Two Buttes 23.10.2017
Box Office: 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Earns Promising $3.4M Thursday

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' will attempt to be another break-out sequel in a year of break-out sequels.

How Have Nuclear Waste Management Procedures Improved Over The Years?

How have the waste management procedures improved over the years for the nuclear reactors? This question was originally answered on Quora by Richard Muller.

Day In The Life: Appreciating The Small Things In Big City Chicago

This professional takes you along on her trip to Chicago for a board meeting and highlights the small things that make it special.

What's the financial break-even point for the Chevrolet Bolt and Volt? - Roadshow

With today's energy costs, recouping the initial price premium the Chevy Bolt EV carries over its hybrid Volt brethren will take quite a bit of time.

Hiring A Marketer? Join The Crowd!

Great news for job-seeking marketers is on the horizon. The August 2017 CMO Survey found that companies will hire 6.4% more marketers in the next year, representing a 72% increase from the February 20...

Security Immune System: The Future Of IT Security

In order to reverse the current cyberattacker advantage, it requires us to rethink our existing security framework. We need to flip the model and focus on the inside.

The Meteoric Rise Of Open Source And Why Investors Should Care

The adoption and integration of open-source technologies has rapidly usurped the closed-source incumbents, so much so that investors are pouring record amounts of money into open-source software inves...

Special Delivery: Crafting The Perfect Podcast Ad

When crafting a perfect podcast advertisement, focus on the message's authenticity, delivery, placement and length.

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